1 Pair Tourmaline Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Foot Ankle Massage Belt Pad Therapy Thermal Self-heating Ankle Pad Belt




Far infrared negative ion heat protection shoulder belt which made from tourmaline, nano-functional ceramic powder and a special combination of thermal sensing materials. Under the excitation of human temperature, through the transfer of the role of catalyst, thermal induction material instantaneous reaction to release heat. In the increase of heat, the far infrared anion penetrate deep into the skin, decomposition of lipid peroxidase and other harmful substances through sweat and urine, that can help to expansion of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, activated cells and regulating nerves.

1. Activation of the biological macromolecules of activity, so as to play the biological macromolecules to regulate the body’s immune function and other activities, is conducive to the recovery of the body function and balance, to prevent disease and treatment.
2. Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.
3. Enhance metabolism and strengthen immunity.
4. Has an anti-inflammatory and repercussive function, useful in easing pain.
5. Increased sweating, reduce fatigue.
6. Anion through the breath or skin into the body, adjust the blood’s pH, so that the weak alkaline, alkaline ions with the role of surfactants, the blood vessels in the formation of colloidal cholesterol dispersed, reduce blood flocculation and lower
blood pressure.
7. Anion has a stable autonomic nerve, control the sympathetic nerve, improve the effect of sleep.
8. Anion has the advantage to fresh air, remove the harmful gas like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and eliminate odor.

Material: Nylon, Magnet
Color: Black
Package Weight: approx. 38g
Quantity: 1 pair
Suitable For: Bone hyperplasia, arthritis, muscle soreness etc

Package Included:
1 pair of ankle brace

Method of use:
1. First, use a clean wet towel to wipe the middle heating section of the waist support, and then fixed the waist support on the skin surface. In order to ensure personal, safety, so the heat is relatively slow, generally about 30 minutes to feel the obvious heat, according to each person’s physical condition, decided to wear the length of time. If after use, the skin has a hot feeling, is normal, please take off temporarily. Never damage the skin. Do not wet the waist support can also be used,
but the preheating time is longer. This product can be used repeatedly to avoid the use of detergent(powder), directly use water to scrub(5 minutes or less washing), does not affect the product efficacy.

2. Tomalin heat-sensitive material in the face of water (such as sweat or moisture) before heating. When movement, the human skin surface with sweat or moisture, then tomalin heat sensitive materials will heating. When sleep, in a quiescent state, skin surface rarely has sweat or moisture, so do not heat. But the effect of tomalin magnetic therapy is still there. Heating time varies from person to person. Heating time varies from person to person


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